Ksenia | 21 | Russian | Riga, LV
The questions people ask like, ‘What’s it like to make a record?’ It’s kind of like asking, ‘What does sausage taste like?’ You could describe it, or you could just hand somebody a sausage. So I think this is an inside look - a voyeuristic, sort of fly-on-the-wall, it’s like answered a lot of questions that we won’t have to.
—Tré Cool on the upcoming documentary on their process in making the trilogy albums (via hemoglobinfornicationalcohol)
Know your enemy

OHAI THERE. So, I thought I need to make an information post for you people, so that you can know who and what I am.

My name is Ksenia, I’m 21. I live in Riga, Latvia. Yes, Latvia IS a country. I speak Russian (my native language) and English.

SOUNDTRACK FOR THE VOICES IN MY HEAD.I looove listening to music, this thing will never become boring. I like different kinds of music, but usually I listen to rock/alternative/metal music. I extremely adore and appreciate Dead By April, Celldweller, Adam Lambert, Green Day, Blowsight, Liam Espinosa. These are my never-changing-top-artists. I also love Evanescence, The Dartz, Haloscript, Fear Nuttin Band, Atreyu etc.

HE FILMS THE CLOUDS. I can’t say that I watch a lot of TV, or go to the cinema many times a month. Nevertheless, I can name some films and cartoons that I like the most. These are: Sponge Bob Square Pants, Back To The Future Trilogy, QAF, The Powerpuff Girls, James Cameron’s Avatar, Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo, Fight Club, The Mighty Boosh etc.

CREEPY CRAWLERS. And yes, I have some bugs in my head, too. I am obsessed with bodymod. I have two tattoos, pierced eyebrow and industrial. I love creative hairstyles and hair colours. I’m a little bit slasher (fuck yes, Adommy, Trillie, Howince). And I hate sleeping without my socks on.

This is the main info. There’s much more I’d like to tell, so feel free to send me questions TROLOLO.

Enjoy the blog. 

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